Lulu’s Dog Casket


If you would like a custom casket made for any pet, let Don Wilson know and he can fabricate one especially for your pet.  The casket can be made of any wood material.  The casket for a large animal range from $400 to $600.  Caskets for medium size animals range from $200 to $400 based on materials selected.  Smaller animals can range form $100 to $200 depending on size and materials.

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This casket was made for a dear friends Lab who passed away at 12 years old.  The casket was custom made out of Oak plywood with Mahogany trim with brass handles, and featured a padded mattress, a photo and brass engraved plate for “Lulu”.  Inside included two pictures of Lulu and her owner.  The casket was sealed with bronze screws.

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 24 x 18 in


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