1800s Grain Scythe


This 1800s Grain Scythe is a rare find with a good blade, handle and the cradle.  Many of these have lost their cradle and this one is in tack and in great condition.

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1800’s Grain Scythe

Scythes were known to have been used as far back as 500 BC – both as weaponry and for harvesting.

In the 1800’s, they were used for reaping grain.  To make threshing easier, a grain cradle was added to keep the grain stems aligned and the grain heads together.  As the world developed, the tool has been replaced by large machinery.  The scythe is in excellent condition and complete.  It is large item.

We used it as a decorative item to hang from the kitchen ceiling.


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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 36 x 24 in


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