Thiele Kitchen

Main island

This kitchen is in an underground house in what is known as “Tornado Alley. ” The family is a very close knit family – as pastor in a strong community participating in various food related social activities.

Don designed and remodeled this narrow kitchen in four zones (cooking, baking, cleanup and serving) for all the family to participate and prepare dishes for holidays and many church social events.

Sink area

The cabinets are solid walnut wood with a stone wall and updated stainless appliances, along with a china cabinet to display special items.    It has an under counter drawer refrigerator to accommodate the two family members who live in the house with a large refrigerator and freezer for bulk storage at a separate area near the end of the kitchen.  There is an area with a mixer tucked away under the island counter, along with an under counter drawer microwave, cook top and oven for the daughter who likes to bake; and an area for the Mother who makes chocolates and truffles to supply their downtown candy shop.  The clean-up area has the sink and under counter drawer dishwasher.  Across from the large serving island is a floor to ceiling pantry with an enclosed desk area for a small computer, recipes and household bookkeeping.

A lot of kitchen area in a small space.

Work area with accent lighting 

Under counter sink area.
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