Stowe Bathroom

Stowe Bathroom with a View

Bathroom View
Bathroom View

Don has actually designed and built two bathrooms for this family within a 15-year period.  The walnut bath is a very elegant bath with marble tub surround, plated fixtures and walnut cabinetry.  Done in the early 2000’s, it still looks today as good as it did when completed.  Adjoining closets were redone to complement the bath and its fittings.

The second bath was for a bedroom off the pool area.  It is a very small bath – approximately 5’ by 6’.  A small window was removed and a glass block wall in the shower was installed to match windows in other parts of the house and to provide more light in the bath area. The black and white tile floor extends into the shower and the contemporary glass shower door is fitted at an angle to give more room in the shower.  Black painted cabinetry hangs from the wall and is accented with a black marble top.

A major remodeling of a vintage farmhouse in the country was also completed for the family’s daughter.  This included an addition of a garage-carport, all bedrooms, kitchen, living, bath for the granddaughter and an upstairs area for the teenage grandson.  The surrounding porch was redone with copper screening. 

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